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Fortescue Share Price Plunge: Buying Opportunity or Cyclical Downturn?

Fortescue Metals Group logo with a declining stock chart, representing the plunge in FMG's share price and the debate over whether it's a buying opportunity or a cyclical downturn

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. (ASX: FMG) has seen its share price plummet in recent months, down 27% since the beginning of the year. This dramatic decline in FMG’s Share Price has left investors wondering if it’s a fire sale or a sign of deeper trouble.

The primary culprit behind the drop is the slump in iron ore prices. China, the world’s top consumer of steelmaking ingredients, has experienced a surge in domestic production and a softening demand, leading to a 10% price plunge in June. This directly impacts Fortescue, as iron ore is their primary source of revenue.

However, some analysts see this as a cyclical downturn rather than a permanent decline. Historically, commodity prices fluctuate, and Fortescue’s share price could rebound as the market corrects. The recent relaxation of home buying restrictions in China offers a glimmer of hope, potentially boosting steel demand in the construction sector.

FMG's Share Price: FMG ASX Chart

FMG ASX Chart: Tracking Fortescue Metals Group’s stock performance on the Australian Securities Exchange

Fortescue’s foray into green energy adds another layer of intrigue. The company invests heavily in green hydrogen, ammonia, and battery technology. This diversification could provide a hedge against future iron ore price fluctuations and unlock new revenue streams.

The article by Tristan Harrison at The Motley Fool suggests a potential buying opportunity if the share price dips below $20 per share. This is a moment that investors should be alert for, as it could present a favorable entry point. However, it’s crucial to note that Fortescue wasn’t included in their recent list of top investment picks.

Investors considering Fortescue should be cautious and conduct a thorough analysis of the situation. While the current price might seem attractive, the future of iron ore prices and the success of Fortescue’s green ventures remain uncertain. It’s crucial to seek professional advice before making any investment decisions, to ensure responsible and informed choices.

Facts for Investors

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. (ASX: FMG) has experienced a significant share price decline in 2024, dropping 27% year-to-date. This raises questions for investors about the stock’s cause and potential future direction.

Iron Ore Price Decline:

  • The primary driver of the FMG share price drop is the 10% decline in iron ore prices observed in June 2024.
  • This decrease is attributed to a surge in domestic iron ore production within China, the world’s largest consumer, coupled with softening demand.

Investor Considerations:

  • Cyclical Trends: Historically, commodity prices like iron ore exhibit cyclical behaviour. Some investors believe the current decline is temporary, and a future market correction could lead to a rebound in FMG’s share price.
  • Green Energy Diversification: Fortescue actively invests in green hydrogen, ammonia, and battery technology. This diversification strategy aims to mitigate dependence on iron ore prices and unlock new revenue streams in the green energy sector.

Valuation Analysis:

  • Commsec estimates suggest FMG’s share price currently trades at a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio below 9x for the 2025 fiscal year (FY25). This P/E ratio could be interpreted as a potential undervaluation by some investors, particularly considering the green energy ventures.
  • However, the future success of these ventures remains to be determined.

Investor Takeaway on FMG’s Share price

The outlook for FMG is divided. While the current price might be attractive to some, key uncertainties remain:

FMG's Share price: Iron Ore Chart

Iron Ore Chart: Analyzing the price trends and market performance of iron ore over time


  • Iron Ore Price Fluctuations: Continued weakness in Chinese demand could further depress iron ore prices and negatively impact FMG’s profitability.
  • Green Energy Market Dynamics: The green energy sector is competitive, and Fortescue faces challenges in establishing itself and achieving profitability.

Overall, investors with a long-term perspective and a risk tolerance might find FMG appealing, especially if the share price falls further. However, a thorough analysis of the company’s financial health, management’s track record, and analyst ratings is crucial before making investment decisions.


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