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Colitco is an Online Hub and a High-End Content Driven Platform bringing the most Finest and Inspiring stories on Listed Companies, Private Companies, Start-Ups, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, and much more. We believe your passion and our expertise WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOUR COMPANY. 

Colitco also gives Investors an insight into the Public Listed companies, Start-up funding scenarios and gives them access to new Start-Ups which are actively looking for growth and seek funding through various mediums.

The loyal user base visits the forum to discuss Stories on Public Listed Companies, Start-Ups, Angel Investors, Private Equity, and Venture Capitalists, dissecting and making entrepreneurial decisions in real-time.

Our mission is to motivate and inspire Entrepreneurs, Budding Entrepreneurs, Creative Trouble makers, and World Youth.

We are a team of young minds revolutionising & redefining finance and business media with fast, unfiltered and accurate news coverage.

Ours is an engaged community of over 500k unique visitors, and we ensure they don’t miss out on any critical trends and advancements in business and finance.

We cover every minute market update of ASX-listed firms, including emerging, innovative business enterprises worldwide. Additionally, we publish inspiring stories and entrepreneurial models of businesses from various industries in their totality as a free journalistic news service.

We also acknowledge the difficulty of introducing new businesses to investors and stock market players; hence Colitco serves as the ultimate platform for interactions on business & acquisition.

Impact of Colitco’s Finance News

Colitco has continued to grow its membership and visitor base and has become a hub of the finest financial news that has changed the face of entrepreneurship.

The loyal users visit the forum to discuss Listed Companies, Start Ups, Angel Investors, Private Equity and Venture Capital Stories, and dissect and make entrepreneurial decisions in real-time. Colitco’s growing community regularly engage via desktop, mobile and web.

Colitco believes in the democratisation of stories and in helping people to make smarter, better-informed entrepreneurial decisions. That is why Colitco is a free service available to all users without any paywall restrictions.

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Colitco works hard to highlight the finest global stories of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial models & business success stories. Our objective is to showcase exceptional businesses to potential investors, private equity players, venture capitalists, and HNWIs with international bases. Every day, our analytical and editorial content keeps investors informed so they can deliberate on acquisition decisions should they see potential in these firms.


The media pays significantly less attention to businesses not enlisted in the top 200 on the stock market. Mainstream media overlook many innovative companies with some of the best tales, shareholder wealth, and expansion. To Colitco, it merits coverage. We strive that these companies can grab the eyeballs of potential investors and stock market participants.


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