“Retail-tech startup Perpule, owned by Delvit Solutions Pvt Ltd, has launched the grocery delivery platform, targeted at apartment communities in the city. The Bengaluru-based startup has partnered with prominent offline retailers such as Vishal Mega Mart, More Retail Ltd, Metro Cash, and Carry. FUNDING: The company has recently started its operation in Bangalore, India in April 2020. It seems that the company is well prepared to cash in the Lockdown/Corona Situation. “ Perpule founders are Yogesh Ghaturle, Saketh B.S.V. and Abhinav Pathak
Perpule launches StoreSe

Perpule Launches Storese in 2020- An Online Grocery Delivery Startup

Founder of Fintech startup Perpule Yogesh Ghaturle launches grocery delivery platform StoreSe Retail-tech startup Perpule launches Storese, a new venture ...
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