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Success of CIO Angel Network By Anoop Mathur- Funding Comes With Ideas

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India is the 3rd largest hub of startup-ecosystems in the world. In 2019 alone, there were 1300 startups registered, and around USD 2.55 billion was raised in the 3rd quarter. Now, consider the impact that your brand can make in 2025. You might have a great idea that resolves a social issue or has a welcome approach from specific communities.

But, do you know that 90% of the Indian startups fail only because of 2 prime reasons? They lack innovation and funding.

“At can we facilitate Founders, Thinkers & Innovators – step-by-step, activity-by-activity – while utilizing different business expertise options, to create and develop growth focused ventures”, quoted the CEO

Yet, a platform called CIO Angel Network is helping seed-stage startup founders and entrepreneurs to reach heights in their industry. The “what, who, how, and more” of CIO Angel Network (CAN) are answered in the content that follows below.

By reading about this company, you will get to know some insights on the importance of business communication added with a few benefits on choosing Angel Investment for your startup.


CIO ANGEL NETWORK - Colitco - Anoop mathur


The CAN platform has its goal to enable businesspersons to rise in their concerned sectors. The brand has its members who possess the autonomy to choose a startup for funding, based on a collaborative assessment and evaluation screening pattern.

“Our goal is to be the first prime source of funding for Technology Entrepreneur at the “Seed Stage”, says the Founder

For seed-stage professionals, moving ahead to the growth-stage of entrepreneurship is quite challenging. But CAN is all set to help these kinds of professionals, by giving them funds and investment support.

Moreover, CIO Angel Network offers young and innovative startups the chance to build relationships and connect with the members of the company. And, this interaction paves for other potential business opportunities, apart from mentorship or funding.

As we move forward, let’s ponder the importance of business communication here. Connecting members with startup founders through CAN is a direct way of improving the conventional corporate organization as well as trying to reduce errors and risks. So, the intent of linking experienced professionals with seed-developers has multiple advantages including:

  • Sales perks
  • New entrepreneurial ideas
  • A solution to a dubious question
  • Choice of financial decision
  • Answers to sector-related queries
  • Understanding the nuances of a product or service and more.

Hence, start connecting with other business people, and the best way to do it is by opening social media accounts and registering your startup to platforms like CAN!

As we now had a gist of the company, let’s take a moment to applaud the man behind this creative brand – Anoop Mathur


CIO ANGEL NETWORK - Colitco - Anoop mathurAnoop Mathur is an excellent multitasker, a humble being, a supportive personality, and possesses a vast experience of 18+ years on-field, as a first-generation entrepreneur. Besides taking charge as the Founder of CIO Angel Network, Anoop is also the:

  • President of CORE Media (Centre of Recognition & Excellence)
  • Private Investor at Inflection Point Ventures and 100X.VC
  • Founder and Investor at B2B 1K Ventures (Brand Hub Marketing)
  • Chairman of the Board at White Fin Pvt. Ltd.

We hence covered the what, who, and how aspects of the company. Let us now finally wrap-up the insights by grasping a few data points on the investment prospects of both the CAN venture and Anoop.


CIO ANGEL NETWORK - Colitco - Anoop mathurAnoop is now into helping and guiding startup founders and first-time entrepreneurs, on how to excel in the field through CAN. He is also known to mentor several professionals to give them proper tips on achieving a higher ROI for diverse business options.

His prime investments cover the popular brands that we all utilize regularly including, LegitDoc, Giscle Systems, Aadhaar API, TravelShelf, and more.

Following which, CIO Angel Network has funded a range of startup sectors including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data
  • Online Travel
  • Enterprise Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Entertainment Tech
  • Enterprise Application

For Example – Aisle

When CIO Angel Network focuses more on technology and data-driven startups to fund, here we have an example of out-of-box-thinking that got its right pay. Furthermore, Aisle is a replacement for both dating applications and traditional matrimony sites.

Being a handcrafted singles-only community, the platform considers an individual’s taste and opinions and helps them to have meaningful and ever-lasting relationships. Moreover, this brand raised an undisclosed amount in fresh funding from CAN!

CIO Angel Network’s investment portfolio has over $331049.00 (INR 2.5 Crores) Oversubscriptions, with a total number of investors around 49 for four deals!

Out of the seven investments made by CIO Angel Network, 2 of them were notable Leads, namely Aisle and Codemojo. The organizations such as PayTunes, InstaSafe, and Anakage Technologies Pvt. Ltd. follow the line. The last funding round was made on May 8th, 2019 by Skillenza for $1,000,000 through Seed VC-II.


Anoop Mathur’s vision to innovate startup seed-developers through an online presence by CIO Angel Network (CAN) is creating a global impact on Indian youngsters. In other words, it overall has a positive effect on both the startup founders and the existing professional members.

“Finally, CAN’s mission is to create wealth for its investor members by leveraging cumulative network multiplier effect”, says Anoop

CIO ANGEL NETWORK - Colitco - Anoop mathurEver since the programs initiated by our PM Narendra Modi, the Indian startup scenario is on the verge of exponential growth and development. So, whether you choose convertible debts, equity, or return of ownership, registering for a startup, and funding it with the support of Angel Investments like CAN is going to be the bull’s eye for Indian business triumph!


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