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Agarwal Packers and Movers: Tracing the Golden Footsteps of Mr. Ramesh Agarwal

Agarwal packers

“There’s constant reinvention: How you do business, how you deal  with customers.” Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo.

Today, when considering moving household objects, goods, and services in India, the first and automatic response from anybody would be ‘Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.!’

Yes, the Airman of this tale is none other than the Esteemed Founder and CEO, Mr. Ramesh Agarwal.

An Air Force Senior needed help in moving goods from Balasore to Dundigal, Orissa and that’s when he got entrusted by one of his batchmates. The assignment was difficult to handle, but somehow the Airman managed to tackle the situation with enthusiasm and confidence. He finished packaging by using straws and was greatly appreciated by his fellowmen.

This incident of the late 1980s from his services at the Indian Air Force (IAF) sparked an instinct. The Airman then never looked back and started resisting tough times and obstacles ahead.

Agarwal Packers and Movers

Our customer-focused attitude, excellent practice procedures, performance enhancement plans, on-going training and review, and external quality standards underpin the way we operate in the industry!” ~ The standards of APML

After resigning from his position at the Indian Air Force, Ramesh Agarwal had only $0.013 (INR 1), but with a powerful business idea of opening a packaging venture program. With the mere value of $52.96 (INR 3870), he decided to execute his brand idea. In the meanwhile, Ramesh’s friend Vijay Kumar’s mother said that she would provide the capital needed, but 1 condition – to make her son as a part of this foundation. Upon acceptance, the team was slowly gaining momentum and at later stages, Vijay had other ideas and entered politics and quit his new startup venture.

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Agarwal household carrier was the 1st business commencement that Mr. Ramesh ventured in 1987. Funding value raised during his early beginnings were low, yet he sustained it appreciably and soon managed to open his 1st branch at Hyderabad.

Agarwal Packers and Movers

He also wrote one of the famous book “Gagar Mein Sagar” to imbibe good thoughts into someone who reads it.

He and his fellow employees of the team started distributing this book to whomsoever they contacted, with or without any purpose to share. The book consists of word from various inspirational legends known in society. It also inspired a lot of individuals to come up in life and this impacted both his brand and personality positively!

He was a considerate and kind fellow-being, usually seen with truck and lorry drivers. He was one of the men who came forward to change the lives of truck drivers. For this, the team also joins together for the Darbar Day, observed on the 4th of every month.

A few words from the team of APML ~“From year one, the company has been observing darbar day on every 4th of each month, throughout the year, wherein a session is being planned for the founder of our company to come in contact with the company’s drivers, handlers, packers and assistant drivers in order to know the real problems that are being faced while executing their services, and then giving reasonable solutions on the spot.”

Agarwal Packers and Movers

Image Source – Ramesh Agarwal Photo Gallery

Apart from his confident, influential self, and business-oriented character, Mr. Ramesh is one of those types, who is principled specifically with rich values and disciplines. Along with this man, was the supporting shoulder of his younger brother, Mr. Rajender Agarwal. He was a person of simplicity and down-to-earth personality.

This ‘brotherly combination’ made the perfect combo to open a startup venture! The period of 1990 was highly important to Mr. Ramesh. He realized the power of teamwork and how a group of well-trained individuals can bring laurel to a business.

From expanding his clientele base to gaining insights into the real-world Startup Indian scenario of the relocation sector, made him form an educated team, that will help Ramesh Agarwal Packers and Movers to serve their customers and clients most feasibly.

“We, as a company, soon gained upper hand in household relocation and focused on building a strong team of packers and movers during this period, so as to serve the customers in the best possible way.”~ From the words of Mr. Ramesh Agarwal.

The rent he paid once was $3.31 (INR 250) per month for his 1st officeAgarwal Household Carrier. But presently, Mr. Ramesh Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of “Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.” with 5000 employees, 2000 locker facilities, 1000 trucks hired and released, and generates a revenue of approximately $5,95,80,945.00 (INR 450 crores) annually!

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Being emotionally-attached with your circle is one of the highly stressed values of Mr. Ramesh Agarwal. As per his ideals, regardless of how many applications or technology is preferred, ground staff should cultivate emotions and this is particular to a person in the shipping industry.

During an interview, when asked about Mr. Ramesh’s corporate philosophy, he shared the following statement –

“House shifting is not about money or shifting goods. A person is moving their memories with goods. Memories have sentiments related to the owner. In case a homeowner has a vintage radio which is 30 years old which technically has no value, but it still has values in terms of emotions. Maybe it is because it was gifted by his grandfather or father. Your team should accept its value and give proper respect to it.”

The story of Agarwal Packers and Movers and Mr. Ramesh’s legacy imbibe many morals within us. With a strong and positive self, the soul will be achieving anything, even if barriers are present on the road. Trust your gut feeling in business, but it is up to you to make or break the message it shares. Last but not the least, people who evolve along with your company on all ups and downs, they are true gems! Are you a student entrepreneur? Or do you have a business idea in mind? Start right away without thinking about its success, or outcome and campaigns like Make In India will help you ease the business processes!

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“Today, you can build anything in India. If you’re an Indian entrepreneur, you can get a meeting with any investor in the world!” ~ An inspirational message from Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the Founder, and CEO of Paytm.


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