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VRX Silica Sand Projects in Austrade Critical Minerals Prospectus 2022 Edition

VRX Silica Sand Projects in Austrade Critical Minerals Prospectus 2022 Edition

VRX Silica


VRX Silica (ASX: VRX) announces the inclusion of Arrowsmith North and Muchea silica sand projects in the 2022 Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus published by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

Senator The Hon. Don Farrell, the Minister for Trade and Tourism, launched the prospectus in Sydney, providing technical, commercial, and geological data on the Australian critical minerals projects to foster investment and accelerate development. The prospectus has recognition from foreign investors, Australian corporates, and the Australian government.

VRX Silica’s MD Bruce Maluish said,

“We are pleased that the Australian Government has recognised that silicon and silica sand are critical minerals. VRX has significant potential to address anticipated production shortfalls and build supply chain security as we progress to a carbon net zero future. “This publication will enable Austrade to actively promote the VRX silica sand products to foreign investors and potential buyers.”

Australian Critical Minerals Strategy

The Australian Government supports the development of critical minerals projects by releasing the ‘Critical Minerals Prospectus’ annually. The 2022 edition updates potential investment opportunities in critical minerals projects in Australia.

So far, 26 critical minerals have been identified that come under supply risk due to geological scarcity, geopolitical issues, trade policy, etc., and that are vital for the economic well-being of the emerging economies in the world.

The prospectus throws light on VRX Silica’s Arrowsmith North and Muchea silica sand projects following the recent inclusion of Silicon (Si) on the Australian Critical Minerals List. 

Details such as mineral inventory, status, offtake agreement, mine life, product purity, etc., of both Arrowsmith North and Muchea projects are highlighted.



Investor Outlook

The critical mineral projects highlighted in the prospectus have the potential to address production shortfalls, build supply chain security, and help deliver progress on a net-zero future.

VRX Silica continues to show strong interest from potential silica sand buyers from the Company’s projects. It is interacting with parties that have received samples of products from Arrowsmith North and Muchea projects for offtake terms.

For more details and recent announcements, visit the Company’s website.


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