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Virtual Reality in Fashion Retail: These Brands Are Killing It!

Virtual Reality in Fashion Retail These Brands Are Killing It 2
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Some leading fashion brands have mastered the art. The industry-best fashion retailers lay a massive emphasis on reaching customers online. According to the Boston Consulting Group, two-thirds of luxury purchases are influenced by digital content.

With the continuously emerging technological innovations in the digital space, these global players just can’t let AR/ VR take a backseat. Augmented reality in fashion is a proven way of delivering world-class shopping experiences to customers and leaving an indelible impression on their minds!

Virtual Reality in Fashion

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Virtual Reality In Fashion Industry: The Top Trendsetters

Virtual reality in fashion has revolutionised this industry, and the best brands have already held their reins – they are all set to take over! Here are some best examples of augmented and virtual reality in fashion retail.



Do you know that the giant sports brand Nike recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in the most unique way possible? To everyone’s surprise, the Nike Global Brand Experience team, in collaboration with an award-winning creative technology company called BUCK, launched a fascinating in-store Augmented Reality (AR) feature across all the Nike retail stores worldwide.

Customers can scan products of their choice, such as shoes or apparel, to view the details, which makes Nike one of the top fashion brands using Virtual Reality. Alternatively, they can step into a Virtual Reality world to personally experience the various steps in Nike’s supply chain, thus closely understanding the peculiarities of how and where the products are manufactured, dispatched, transited, and brought to stores.

Also, the customers can scan QR codes placed at the specified locations and unlock 11 unique stories contained within a single virtual box or AR container with the help of their smartphones. And, by tapping on this container with an exciting frosted glass-like appearance, you can unlock 17 3D-scanned assets directly from Nike’s archive.

Nike has explicitly mentioned that the project aims to design an intuitive WebAR experience that captures the DNA (Department of Nike Archives) and propels the concept of storytelling in the retail industry with the help of virtual reality in fashion.



ASOS, one of the most popular global retailers in the online fashion segment, is renowned for its classy yet trendy collection of clothing, accessories, footwear, beauty care, and much more. While the brand was already at its zenith with its massive global network and following that it had, it took its fashion game to a whole new level by introducing AR and VR technologies.

  • Being one of the top fashion brands using virtual reality, it has designed realistic models on the website that can be dressed up using AR features. The goal is to give you a crystal clear and realistic view of how different garments look on different body types.
  • The feature had come a long way since its inception in 2019 when the company introduced Virtual Catwalk, an intriguing AR feature in their shopping apps.
  • The ‘See My Fit’ feature was its next milestone in May 2020. It allowed the customers to view how clothes fit on different-sized models. Since then, the idea has unfolded smartly and dynamically for ASOS.

Shortly, ASOS is expected to introduce avatars, letting customers scan their bodies and try various fashion products.



If fashion is your way of living, Burberry must have never gone unnoticed! This much-loved British brand is a luxury fashion house that designs and distributes ready-to-wear clothes, including trench coats, leather accessories, footwear, and much more. While the style freaks tirelessly explore its jaw-dropping designs boasting of luxury, the brand kicked in yet another distinguishing factor in the form of Augmented Reality in fashion.

  • Its superior augmented reality experience lets users design their own 3D Pocket bag sculptures, view those in AR, and capture the same for sharing across digital channels.
  • Alongside wooing the customers to its out-of-the-box shopping experience, the introduction of this feature is also seen as a vital marketing move aiming at exponential customer engagement, retention, and brand promotion.
  • They teamed up with the renowned artist Danny Sangra to create ‘Burberry-inspired’ drawings for an AR feature in their feature-packed iOS app, which showcased an intelligent Integration of an e-commerce store with interactive AR features. It lets users improvise their surroundings by adding Danny Sangra’s pictures to their images, and sharing the same on social media, thus strengthening its online presence and widening its reach.

That sure is a smart move, isn’t it?



Headquartered in Stratham, New Hampshire, Timberland is an age-old global fashion brand specialising in selling best-quality boots. It also sells apparel and accessories, including watches, eyewear, and leather goods. Timberland was one of the foremost brands to introduce virtual fitting rooms to Mokotów Gallery, a shopping centre in Poland.

  • Lemon&Orange, a leading name in technology marketing solutions, designed a virtual fitting room for Timberland where people could try out outfits from the latest collection without wearing them. The app scans the user’s face, captures an image, and looks for a good model. It doesn’t end there!
  • The user can easily (and virtually) change their outfits or return to the previous clothes and make the desired changes on an 80-inch screen using gestures.
  • The final and saved look is emailed to the user and added to Timberland’s fan page.

Now that’s a fun way to shop, for sure.

Virtual Reality Use In Fashion: There’s A Lot More In Store!

The awe-inspiring amalgamation of immersive 3D models and shopping has crafted exciting and compelling experiences for shoppers who can’t have enough of it. Before you assume this is the be-all and end-all of the fashion revolution, hold on because there’s much more in store.

To get the latest updates regarding the upcoming developments across diverse industries, keep an eye on our blog hive at Colitco.


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