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Rahul Kumar Mandal comes up with Etark- A SaaS Startup

Rahul Kumar Mandal comes up with Etark (A SaaS Startup)

Rahul Kumar Mandal comes up with Etark, a successful SaaS startup. It is involved in settling purchaser grievances for any item/service purchased from the market. They offer the service distinctly for cell phone grievances, yet soon they will add other items and services to their portfolio.

Etark is a computerized grievance resolution stage for cell phone grievances. It helps in settling both technical and non-technical cell phone issues faced by people. Etark was conceptualized in the wake of recognizing the predicament of helpless cell phone clients and the service centres’ shortcomings.

Rahul Kumar Mandal comes up with Etark (A SaaS Startup) - ColitcoImage Source:- Don’t Give Up World

Background of the Company:

  • Etark Technology Private Limited is a Private Limited Company, incorporated on 25 April 2020​. It is a Non-Government organization.
  • It is involved in Other PC related exercises, e.g., model support of different firms/making mixed media introductions for various firms.

What does Etark do, and why should you use it?

Rahul Kumar Mandal comes up with Etark (A SaaS Startup) - ColitcoImage Source:- Ekart LinkedIn

Resolving technical problems

If you have a technical issue with your smartphone, that can be disastrous. Unlike any other gadget, a smartphone lets you stay connected with the world and helps you manage your daily tasks and records. Current users usually take these steps when their phone faces any snag:

  1. They visit an authorized or an unauthorized service centre.
  2. They book a home visit repair service.
  3. If their device is in the insurance period, they claim for damages.

It is always better to visit an authorized service centre, but as a user, you don’t know if:

  1. Parts are available at the service centre or not.
  2. If Your device would be accepted within the warranty by the service centre or not.
  3. There might be a long queue at the service centre, and you might need to wait for long hours. Besides this, there is still a chance that the part of the mobile that has developed a snag and does not fall under the warranty period and the quoted price of servicing is exorbitantly high.

If you visit an unauthorized service centre, it might seem light on your pocket, but this route is never advisable. Their servicing quality is not as per standard and there is always a threat of data theft.

You can choose for home visit repair services that are quite popular nowadays due to home repair convenience. But people also feel hesitant to call some unknown person to their personal space.

Therefore it is clear that all these approaches have their share of flaws.

It is always best to treat your problems by yourself. And in doing so, Etark is still available out there to help you out. You can use Etark’s SaaS platform to get your issue resolved. Even if this could not work for you, you can choose to visit Etark’s expert and authorized service centres.

Future Prospect

Rahul Kumar Mandal comes up with Etark (A SaaS Startup) - ColitcoImage Source:- Statista

ETark is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. SaaS is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the industry. Therefore it has a very bright future. Several other companies work on the SaaS model, including Google, Shopify, Slack, Microsoft, Adobe, Hubspot, and others. The SaaS industry is expected to be ($500 Billion)​[efn_note] Cloud Market Share – a Look at the Cloud Ecosystem in 2020 [/efn_note] industry by 2023.

Etark - ColitcoImage Source:- Techcrunch

Details of the funding/Seed capital raised by the company:

Etark - ColitcoImage Source:- Ekart LinkedIn 

It’s approved initial assets, and share capital is Rs. 1,000,000,​ and its settled up money is Rs. 1,000. Now, after their great start with the boosted confidence, they are looking for some angel investors. If they get some handsome investment from any angel investors, that will help them utilize their company’s full ability along with earning profit for themselves and their investors.

Its founder Rahul Kumar Mandal and his team are leaving no stone unturned to make their venture successful. Also, they are expanding very fast. They are now serving in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Noida, along with West Bengal.

Why should investors keep a close eye on these companies?

Etark - ColitcoImage Source:- Ekart LinkedIn 

There is a very compelling reason why investors can keep their eyes closed while investing in Etark. It is growing at a high rate. Another decisive factor is that it is the first and unique of its kind in this segment. It would be a doyen in instant solution providing business if it continues growing at the same pace.

It would always have a cutting edge among the competitors, as it would be the oldest and most experienced among them.

Rahul Kumar Mandal along with his dedicated team is working at their best level and their efforts are germinating gradually with growing success and revenue.

Young minds can learn from this startup that “Where there is a will there is the way.” So frame out the problem and come up with a solution to get it to succeed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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