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Know How Norwest Venture Partners Benefits Tech Startups

Norwest Venture Partners Benefits Tech Startups
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The type of platform you choose, whether Growth Equity or Venture Capital, is crucial to business investment. Know the difference – on one side, private equity firms look for substantial capital in your startup. Which means the money (investment) received is also immense here. On the other side, Venture Capitalists are quite similar to mentors; besides offering the initial finance, VCs also support and guide your business on the right path.

By understanding this difference, the platform can be picked appropriately, and that investment will be effective in the long-run of your startup/business.

But the challenge now is to find an ideal investment partner. Searching for virtual investors that are suitable for your startup sector and the stage is tedious. However, budding entrepreneurs and students can go with this reputed online platform called Norwest Venture Partners (NVP).

“We are always looking to make investments in robust and differentiated businesses”, says the MD Niren Shah

Norwest Venture Partners, handled by Niren Shah, Managing Director (India), is a global hub for investment, providing impactful services in India, the U.S, and Israel. A one-stop solution for your investment search, the experts at NVP, are not only fundraisers but also business mentors. Meaning, the platform invites both growth-stage equity funding and venture capital investment under one roof.

Knowledge of the structure and functions of this platform will help you identify the process of selecting brands from the industry. So, the following details highlight the startup portfolio and the investments of NVP. Also, by knowing a few startups funded by this company, it will give you a brief idea about what similar fundraisers expect from founders before making the deal.

The Standard Perspectives of Norwest Venture Partners India

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Image Source – NVP.com

What type of funding entity you want is not a limitation with NVP. Founders can hence pick from Spin-offs, Minority Investments, Buyouts, Recapitalizations, and India Special Situations. Also, coming to the point of sector, Norwest Venture Partners focus and prioritize startups based on:

  • Information Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Infrastructure
  • Media
  • Consumer Products/Services
  • Technology
  • Industrials
  • And many other Innovative Business services.

The company aims at providing unique and high-level startups in India, with an equity check [efn_note] https://www.nvp.com/growth-equity/ [/efn_note] ranging from $20 million to $150 million. And in the case of Venture Capital[efn_note] https://www.nvp.com/venture/ [/efn_note], the deal gets signed ranging from $1 million to $30 million.

Note that the fund value depends on your organization’s growth and technological aspects. Therefore, whether you are a new startup founder or an experienced CEO, this platform is suitable for both the investment scenarios, provided your brand covers technology with innovation.

How are the Partners of Norwest India Beneficial to Your Brand?

How Norwest Venture Partners India Beneficial to Your Brand? - Colitco

Norwest has a seasoned team of corporate experts, who cater to deliver excellent business services to Indian startups, requiring funding and mentorship. They help add value to a business by leading its founder to generate better revenue and expand the consumer/user base; they achieve the said by proprietary strategic resources, repeatable research process, and uncovering value creation opportunities.

“NVP’s strong venture capital brand in India and deep commitment to its entrepreneurs truly impressed me. With a more than 45-year history and solid track record, NVP understands what it takes to build leading companies”,states MD Niren Shah

However, the portfolio companies of NVP are carefully assessed, evaluated on their business model, and handpicked for a long-term, flexible approach. One reason why nearly all the portfolio companies (600 brands partnered[efn_note] https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/norwest-venture-partners#section-overview [/efn_note] since inception) of Norwest Venture Partners are competent players in the industry today!

For Example: OfBusiness

OfBusiness is an online financing channel. Known as a technology-based platform, it gives ease of access to sectors and opens new business opportunities for small and medium enterprises. Through the funding of ₹250 crores, raised[efn_note] https://www.livemint.com/companies/start-ups/norwest-venture-partners-in-talks-to-invest-30-million-in-ofbusiness-1569319842698.html [/efn_note] in a Series D round led by Norwest Venture Partners, today, the platform is appreciated by many Indians for a proven track record!

“Our team is considered one of the best in the startup world across India. Our numbers and our fund raise in the most difficult times for the startups w.r.t. to funding validates this point”, says the Co-Founder of OfBusiness, Nitin Jain

And there is only one person behind the credit scene of OfBusiness – Niren Shah. Below is a gist on his professional background.

16 Years of Operational, Financial, and Entrepreneurial Experience

Norwest Venture Partners India Info-graphic Niren shah - Colitco

Niren Shah is academically and financially an influential person. He got 1st place during study at Sydenham College and the University of Mumbai. With later years of experience as an investment banker, CFO, senior director, Niren Shah is now serving as the advisor for India-based investments made from Norwest Venture Partners.

Niren’s recent investment activity[efn_note] https://www.crunchbase.com/person/niren-shah#section-personal-investments [/efn_note] was on November 21st, 2019. It is a seed funding round of Venture capitals for Svami, the seasoned drinkers’ platform. His potential complies with a plethora of sectors and stages – ranging from early and mid-stage venture capitals to dynamic growth equities. Niren additionally supports out-of-the-box Indian startups to rise and achieve the number one position in its respective market.

For Example: Quikr

Whether you are selling a car for a better price or renting a new house, many commercial services in India have turned quite effortless and quick through Quikr. This online marketplace is now having a fortune-maker with a huge consumer base. Quikr is thus reputed as India’s No. 1 online classifieds platform, all because of the $6 Million[efn_note]https://in.reuters.com/article/idINIndia-47379820100401[/efn_note] funding and guidance driven from Niren Shah of NVP India!

“We are excited to add a firm like NVP, who brings great pedigree in the global internet business”,says Pranay Chulet, the CEO of Quikr.

Besides Svami and OfBusiness, even notable brands such as Swiggy, Veritas Finance, Kishlay Snacks, Yatra, SILA, IndusInd Bank, RBL Bank, and Pepperfry, have their backbone investments raised by Niren Shah.

Hence, The Moral Is

Norwest Venture Partners in news -Colitco

Impacting and benefitting your customers in the long-term is ideally what investors look into before raising funds. Drawing the attention of VCs or investors can be tricky. But, your startup/business will attract platforms like NVP India if it is powered by technology and uniqueness! Government initiatives like ‘Make In India’ and ‘Startup India’ will give additional impetus to tax benefits and other funding schemes, provided the idea is innovative.

“I look forward to partnering with Indian entrepreneurs to fuel the growth of several next-generation companies in the years ahead”, says Niren Shah


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