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Flooding in Victoria, Australia

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When we talk of Natural disasters, there is no way to prevent them. There is no ruling over Mother Nature. The best one can do is to be alert, vigilant and prepare beforehand. The same applies to residents around Victoria, owing to the flooding Victoria Australia.

Every 10 to 12 years, there have been instances of major flooding in Victoria, Australia. One of the most devastating flooding events was caused by already high rivers, creeks, and sodden catchments with little capacity to absorb the rain. The footage of main streets, inner city areas, and inundated levees captured the nation’s attention. In 2022, flooding inundated more than 500 homes in Victoria and around 100 in Tasmania, with the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) issuing 169 Major Flood warnings from October 12 to 17. Recently, we have seen similar instances of the Meteorological Bureau issuing warning alerts.

flooding in Victoria, Australia

Flash flooding Victoria: Forecasts & Warnings

Given the state of rainfall and moisture across Victoria, Australia, the department is forecasting the following:

  • The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts storms from Sunday night into Monday, particularly impacting north-central and north-eastern areas, where rainfall could reach up to 200 millimetres.
  • Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Rick Nugent has advised residents, especially those in flood-prone areas, to prepare for high-level rainfalls and flash flooding.
  • The warning follows recent wild weather in Victoria’s High Country.
  • The Bureau’s meteorologist, Michael Efron, highlighted the unusual moisture levels across the state, comparable to those typically seen in Queensland, indicating a high potential for severe thunderstorms.

The area is bracing for significant weather disturbances, with emergency services warning of potential flash flooding across the state. Every area near water bodies should be avoided at this time.

Flash flooding Victoria

Latest about flooding in Victoria today

Given the critical situation of flooding Victoria Australia, the Bureau has asked residents to be vigilant and prepared. They are actively monitoring the weather changes to prepare for the circumstances.

Here’s a summary of the current flood warnings Victoria:

  • Central and Northern Victoria should stay vigilant as widespread rainfall continues, indicating the possibility of flooding. Recent downpours have saturated Catchments, only to add to the risk.
  • Additionally, a flood warning is in effect for the Avoca River catchment. Minor to moderate flooding is possible.
  • Residents around Central Victoria, Northern Victoria and Melbourne must be specifically alert as nearby rivers risk moderate to high flooding.

Staying Prepared for the Flooding Victoria Australia

If you live in high-alert areas, you should be proactive while preparing for the floods. Stay vigilant and avoid travelling. Especially avoid going near rivers, even if it is essential. Keep yourself updated with regular stats through the news websites. Stay informed and away from the floodwaters. Communicate with others as well and seek help in time. In case you find anyone else in trouble, help. We can overcome such stances by being there for each other.

Hope you find this article helpful in preparing for what is to come. Be kind, calm, patient and helpful to everyone around you.

In case of emergency, reach out to:

VicEmergency website: https://emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/?address-search=cowes&bbox=147.29507446289062%2C-38.222538098922286%2C147.54432678222656%2C-38.11943249695315&tm=1696285239637

SES website: https://www.ses.nsw.gov.au/

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES): 132 500

Flood Recovery Hotline: 1800 560 760

VicEmergency Hotline: 1800 226 226

You can stay updated on the latest flood warnings and watches on the Bureau of Meteorology website: http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/warnings/

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