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An Exclusive Interview with Corey Nolan, Managing Director, Platina Resources Ltd

An Exclusive Interview with Corey Nolan, Managing Director, Platina Resources Ltd

Platina Resources Ltd (ASX: PGM) is a gold-focused explorer with seven gold projects in Western Australia. Colitco is glad to have secured an exclusive interview with the Managing Director of Platina Resources, Corey Nolan. Here is the transcript of our interview with Corey Nolan.

Interviewer: Mr Corey Nolan, thank you for agreeing to speak with us. Before discussing the recent progress Platina has made, can you tell us about yourself?

Corey Nolan: Certainly. I have about 27 years of experience in the metals and mining industry. In the first half of my career, I was in corporate finance. My first company, Elementos Limited, was listed on ASX in 2009. Over this period, I have taken on various leadership positions that exposed me to Australian mining projects—also indulged in countries like Spain, Chile, Argentina, etc.

Corey Nolan

Figure 1: Corey Nolan, Managing Director of Platina Resource Ltd.

Interviewer: In your tenure as the Managing Director, Platina has made several new developments and acquisitions. Can you tell us a little about Platina’s portfolio and developments?

Corey Nolan: Platina is a Western Australia-focused gold explorer. We currently have six granted and one ungranted gold project in the region. We also own a world-class high-grade scandium–nickel–cobalt Project in New South Wales. Platina has already completed the definitive feasibility study on the scandium project.

Interviewer: In the coming quarters of 2023, which projects will be the focus area for Platina?

Corey Nolan: Of the seven projects, we will focus on three: Brimstone, Xanadu and Beete Projects. We aim to commence and complete three drilling programs in the next three quarters. However, Platina is currently focusing on getting the required cultural heritage clearances and approvals for drilling at the three projects.

Project Progress  During The Year

Figure 2: Project Progress  During The Year

Interviewer: Can you walk us through the developments you expect Platina to undertake during the year, project-by-project, Mr Corey Nolan?

Corey Nolan: Sure, Brimstone is an advanced-stage gold exploration project. There has been AUD 5 million invested so far. At Brimstone, over 900 holes were drilled for approximately 51,638 meters. Most drill holes have a depth of fewer than 50 metres, and 93% of holes previously drilled to less than a depth of 100 metres. Garibaldi prospect at Brimstone includes a historical drill intersection of 55m @ 2.07 g/t Au; Platina sees it as an opportunity to start building soon and building up our resources.

Interviewer: Can you tell us Platina’s strategy for its projects?

Corey Nolan: We are currently in the process of getting cultural heritage clearances. If all goes according to plan, we aim to commence drilling by March 2023.

Interviewer: That’s excellent. What about the second project, the Xanadu Gold Project?

Corey Nolan: Xanadu Gold Project is a brownfield project with seven prospecting licences and five exploration licences covering 498 km². Historically, there had been gold heap leach operations. However, the previous drilling program predominantly focused on the north-western end. Over the next couple of months, Platina will tackle the east end of the project. Our focus is on developing shallow oxide mineralisation. We aim to start drilling in the third quarter of this year (2023). During the drilling program, we will target oxide resources and deeper sources of gold mineralisation. We have a cultural heritage survey planned for the second quarter of 2023.

Interviewer: What is Platina’s strategy for the third project Beete Gold, Mr Corey Nolan?

Corey Nolan: The Beete Gold Project was granted last year only. Currently, we are performing a significant soil program to find drill targets. We aim to meet the drilling requirements soon and commence drilling in this year’s third or fourth quarter (2023).

Interviewer: It sounds like Platina has a busy year ahead, and we can expect a pipeline of news. Is there anything else the investors need to know, Mr Corey?

Platina Resources’ strategy

Figure 3: Platina Resources’ strategy

Corey Nolan: As Platina commences its exploration plans in the three projects, we aim to keep our corporate structure tight by selling off our investments. We have an investment portfolio valued at approximately AUD 3 million, and we have been selling some of our investments over the past few months to keep our cash position strong. We will be using funds to finance our priority three projects. Finally, during the year (2023), we will also develop a strategy to unlock the scandium project in New South Wales.

That was our interview with Corey Nolan, Managing Director of Platina Resources. To get more updates on Platina, visit their official website now.


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