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Top 10 Mining Companies in Australia

Top 10 Australian
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Australia is the hub of mining activities and is home to several companies that indulge in this business. The industry has witnessed significant growth in the past thanks to the efforts of these organisations. This result is evident in the latest statistics, which state the market size is AUD527.2 billion as recorded in 2023. Yet, very few people are aware that these mining companies Australia ASX can prove to be significant players in the global mining sector. 

List of Mining Companies in Australia

Here are the top mining companies Australia boasts of in the global landscape.


Market Capital: AUD218.83bn

The famous Australian mining company has branches in 90 locations on six continents, but its operations are mainly in Australia and Canada. Iron core, nickel, copper, metallurgical coal, and potash are BHP’s common assets, which help produce essential commodities.

BHP’s important projects include South Flank Mine, Olympic Dam, Mt Arthur Coal, and Nickel West. 

Rio Tinto

Market Capital: AUD48.57bn

This Australian mining company has been operating for over 150 years in 35 countries. It commonly produces gold, aluminium, diamonds, copper, iron ore, and other industrial minerals. Rio Tinto’s biggest achievement is Rincon Mining’s lithium project in Argentina, which is worth AUD825 million.


Market Capital: AUD78.79bn

This company is one of the lowest-cost iron ore producers in the world. It has three mining hubs in Pilbara, Australia, where mining operations are conducted. Fortescue has active projects in Norway, the United States, Australia, Canada, Kenya, Congo, Argentina, and Brazil.

The company signed the Mining Convention for the Belinga Iron Ore Project with the Gabonese Republic.

Newmont Corporation

Market Capital: AUD75.01bn

This mining company, Australia is the world’s leading gold company and a producer of silver, zinc, copper, and lead. The company is known for its world-class portfolio of assets and prospects in several mining jurisdictions across North America, South America, Australia and Africa. 

Newmont is the only gold producer in Australia listed in the S&P 500 Index. Its major projects include the Tanami project in the Northern Territory and Boddington in Western Australia. 


Market Capital: AUD15.26bn

It is one of those mining companies Australia ASX that is renowned for being a top metals miner. Its major commodities include silver, lead, zinc, nickel, metallurgical coal, bauxite, alumina, aluminium, copper, and manganese. 

South32 currently indulges in various projects, including Worsley Alumina, Mozal Aluminium, Illawarra Metallurgical Coal, and Hermosa.

Mineral Resources

Market Capital: AUD13.75bn

This company mines multiple commodities, such as lithium and iron ore. However, most of Mineral Resources’ operations are concentrated in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The company usually operates across five segments: iron ore, lithium, central, mining services, and other commodities. Its principal projects include:

  • The Yilgarn hub
  • Onslow Iron project
  • Utah Point hub
  • Mt Marion lithium project
  • Wodgina lithium project

Northern Star Resources

Market Capital: AUD17.35bn

It is among the mining companies in Australia that currently concentrate on one metal – gold. That is why Northern Star Resources is currently working on three gold projects: Kalgoorlie, Yandal, and Pogo. For the unversed, all these projects are established in Australia and North America.

Pilbara Minerals

Market Capital: AUD11.43bn

This Australian lithium and tantalite mining company owns 100% of the world’s most extensive independent hard-rock lithium operations. One of Pilbara’s most important projects is the Pilgangoora Project in Western Australia. 

IGO Ltd.

Market Capital: AUD5.38bn

This famous mining company operates on the properties of gold, nickel, zinc, cobalt, copper, and silver deposits. Its major tasks include acquiring, exploring, producing and developing various metals based on specific requirements. 

This ASX 100 listed company works on several essential mining projects, including the South Australia Raptor and Copper Coast projects. 

Whitehaven Coal

Market Capital: AUD6.43bn

This Australian mining company has six mines in the Gunnedah Coal Basin of NSW. It mainly helps power all the emerging economies throughout Asia, where coal has the highest demand in the world. 

The leading Australian coal producer works on various projects, including the Maules Creek Mine, Narrabri Mine, the Vickery Extension project, and more.


In conclusion, Australia’s mining landscape boasts a formidable array of industry-leading companies, cementing its reputation as a global hub for mining activities. From abundant metal commodities to coveted strategic resources, these companies exert substantial influence, underscoring Australia’s pioneering role in shaping the future of the mining industry.

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