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Taylor Swift’s Oz Adventure: AFL Star, Italian Feast, and 96,000 Cheers!

Taylor swift

Down Under is downright star-struck from when the world’s biggest popstar landed in Melbourne last Thursday for the Australian section of her Eras tour.

The Star has no shortage of news surrounding her, especially after her fourth Album of the Year win at the Grammy’s this year and the subsequent announcement of her new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’. But the streak simply refuses to die down now she is here in Australia.

Audiences from around the globe went wild along with the Aussie fans as Swift performed three back-to-back concerts at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – all packed to total capacity!! The Melbourne tourism official Tiktok page had released an aerial shot of the crowd-thronged MCG, and on stage, the 14-time Grammy star posed a “simple girl math” problem to the audience – “… 96,000 people the first night, 96,000 people the second night. 96,000 people tonight. The math is that it’s 288,000 people in three nights. Melbourne. You are the love of my life.”

AFL star apologizes to Swift fans!

That is when another star has given a push to the whole shimmer – Australian football league star, US-born Mason Cox! The “tall” star, with a height of 6ft 11, posted a photo on social media that someone took and rotated on the web of him among the crowd at the MCG concert, where the tall star is seen to hinder the view of many fans seated behind him. 

Mason noted how he felt terrible for all the Swift fans who had to sit behind him on floor seats and never saw their favourite star. In his post, he promised tickets to the next AFL game to anyone grieved by his height. Many have already responded by now. He even offered chocolates to many sitting behind during the concert, Cox later told the media.

There was widespread backlash from fans who complained that the seating at the concert was not tier based on height, and even many others lashed out to reporters, saying it was better seeing a live stream from home. But all this is more fanfare because the MCG was filled on all three days of the show. 

Taylor Swift's

Swift will perform in Sydney from Feb 23rd till 26th at the Accor Stadium 

Swift will perform again this coming weekend in Sydney, with four concerts back-to-back starting from Friday, Feb 23rd till 26th at the Accor Stadium. She was seen leaving Melbourne on her private jet to Sydney sporting a Kansas City Chiefs ‘champions’ cap – perhaps a shout-out to her NFL star boyfriend Travis Kelce.

More positive spangles kept weaving around her as she landed in Sydney, too – due to a casual Italian dinner she took in a little-known but top-notch diner called the Pellegrino2000.

When global stars are expected to dine in high-end joints, Swift’s outing to this relatively affordable, small-time restaurant is refreshing to the eatery’s fans and proprietors. Located in Surry Hills, Pellegrino2000 is a two-storey, terraced, retro-themed dining room boasting a candle-lit dine-in wine cellar downstairs. Rather than hauling out the entire space, Swift and her support act, Sabrina Carpenter, enjoyed their dinner at a table among all the other guests. 

Aussie fans are on the lookout everywhere to get a glimpse of the singer, who pops up anywhere public these days, even though she was seldom seen in public except when she went on to take her jet from Mel to Sydney. She is rumoured to be staying at Crown Sydney, the official partner of the Eras Tour. 

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