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Tasmanian Mining News – Launch of Inclusive & Diversity Blueprint

Tasmanian Mining News - Launch of Inclusive & Diversity Blueprint
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The Tasmanian government’s plan to promote economic growth and create long-term jobs strongly emphasises the state’s mining and minerals industry. “The mining industry continues to be Tasmania’s primary source of economic growth. According to Minister Ellis, it will need to increase the size of its personnel to assist in capturing the exceptional opportunities of the future. According to Tasmanian Mining News, the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council (TMEC) unveiled the Inclusion and Diversity Blueprint and Roadmap for women, people from different backgrounds, and anybody wishing to change careers with this goal in mind.

Tasmania’s mining and minerals industry plays a significant role in supporting the government’s objective of boosting economic growth and generating long-term jobs in the region. The State is home to one of the world’s most densely and diversely mined regions, has a long history of mineral processing, and a strong and growing mining industry.

Tasmanian Mining News

Tasmanian Mining News

Tasmanian Mining News – Roadmap

According to Resources Minister Felix Ellis, the strategy builds on major industry-wide initiatives already put in place to encourage people from non-traditional backgrounds to seek careers in mining and minerals.  He continued by saying it must expand its staff to capitalise on the fantastic opportunities ahead.

In the 12 months ending in November 2022, direct employment in the mining industry alone averaged 3400, according to the latest ABS Labour Force Survey statistics. It is 700 more jobs than Tasmania’s historical average. This sector generates over 65% of the country’s commodity exports, employs 5900 people, and is essential to shifting to renewable energy sources. It takes driven people of all ages, genders, and skill levels to support this exceptional sustainable minerals sector. The roadmap, which Tasmanian Mining News released, will make more lucrative and satisfying employment options available to women and non-traditional workers.

Diversity is necessary to generate new ideas, build stronger communities, and distribute prosperity in all spheres of life. To achieve its goals of being cleaner, smarter, and more diverse, the industry will need an extra 20,000 workers from all backgrounds by 2040, when it will directly employ 25,800 Tasmanians. The goals of Tasmanian Minerals are to empower all women and girls, attain gender equality, and eradicate all forms of poverty. In addition, they build a robust infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, foster full and productive employment, equitable and sustainable economic growth, decent work for everybody, and more.

Tasmanian Minerals

According to Minister Ellis, the foundation for TMEC’s efforts to promote and increase diversity and inclusion is the organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, funded by the Tasmanian Liberal Government, to $150,000.

Tasmanian businesspeople have placed first in the national Diversity in the Resources Sector awards for the last eight years.

“The tokenism that existed in some earlier cases of this transformation has quickly changed to being seen as a competitive edge,” said Ray Mostogl, CEO of TMEC. The number of people looking for work is rising, and diverse employees contribute more innovative ideas, helping businesses’ bottom lines. Companies in this sector see the benefits of implementing the blueprint, prioritising resources and strategies more likely to succeed.

Thanks to the gracious support of the State Government, we believe that the Blueprint will be accessible to all businesses, irrespective of their sector. This topic will be covered in part at TMEC’s July 2024 Conference; firms from all sectors are invited to attend and hear from three experts from Tasmania on strategies for addressing challenges brought on by a declining labour pool.

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