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Rottnest Swim 2024 cancelled due to poor weather conditions

rottnest swim 2024

The historic and much-anticipated 19.7-kilometre Rottnest Swim 2024 was cancelled owing to harsh weather conditions. Due to the challenging temperature and shortage of medical facilities, those who had yet to reach the 14-kilometre mark were urged to exit the sea immediately. The 34th swim of the year is scheduled to draw approximately 2,600 participants and cover 19.7 km. Kirsty Bellombra, president of the Rottnest Canal Swimming Association, expressed her enthusiasm about the crowd expected for the event.

However, the terrible weather conditions at the event made everyone unhappy. The statement from the organizers read, “The RSCA is heartbroken for all of our participants.” “Unfortunately, an extreme risk is currently associated with the weather.” According to event organizers, the swim was cancelled owing to bad weather for the second time in its 34-year existence; the first time was in 2007. 

Teams of two or four and lone swimmers are welcome to participate in this annual Rottnest Swim 2024 February event. Swimmers can enter the Rottnest swim solely in pairs or teams, with paddlers, boats, and support staff accompanying them. The Rottnest swim record time by Mark Saliba in 2000 (4:00:15) and Tamara Bruce in 1993 (4:10:03) set the record for the quickest swimmers when swimming alone.

Rottnest Channel Swim 2024

Rottnest Swim 2024 

One of Australia’s most well-known community athletic events, the South32 Rottnest Channel Swim, is a 19.7-kilometer open-water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island (Wadjemup). It is the largest open-water swim event in the world. The yearly February event sells out and brings more tourists to Rottnest Island than any other day, with over 12,000 participants. This is the most significant day on Rottnest Island, held annually in February and overseen by the Rottnest Channel Swim Association.

Every year, the Rottnest Swim 2024 is eagerly anticipated by swimmers and enthusiasts. Guests and organizers alike were heartbroken to learn that the event had to be cancelled due to inclement weather. At 10:20 am., before the cancellation was announced, surf lifeguards greeted the five athletes with applause as they arrived at the finish line. The race management had announced the cancellation of the entire event, so this was only an unofficial conclusion. A second message was sent to all participants at approximately 10:45 a.m., asking them to help monitor the swimmers still in the water. 

The famous Rottnest Swim 2024 attracted several people from all over the world. The Survey Group Swimmers had completed over 50 Rottnest Channel Swims and expected this year to be an extraordinary event to reach this turning point. Among the experienced swimmers are 75-year-old Bett Craig and 80-year-old John Guilfoyle, who plans to complete his 18th crossing two weeks after turning 80.

How long does it take to swim to Rottnest?

Swimming can be dangerous, and winds made it difficult to hold this popular open-water swimming competition. It can take one swimmer more than 10 hours to reach Rottnest. Organizers have several safety measures, including the Rotto Swimming app, an essential resource for captains to track routes with mobile GPS and stay informed about the event. A lifeboat will watch over you in an emergency, and friends and family can locate you through the app. All swimmers and teams will be accompanied by a support boat or captain.

One of Perth’s most iconic swimming and sporting events, South32 Rottnest Swim 2024, is also the ultimate test of endurance and willpower. However, due to bad weather, organizers decided to put safety first and send all swimmers back to shore.

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