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Roquefort Therapeutics Reports In-Vivo Safety for Midkine Oncology Antibodies

Roquefort Therapeutics Reports In-Vivo Safety for Midkine Oncology Antibodies

Roquefort Therapeutics (LSE: ROQ, OTCQB: ROQAF) (“Roquefort” or the “Company”) announces that two of its Midkine (MDK) antibody programs, ROQ-A1 and ROQ-A2, demonstrate in-vivo safety in the pre-clinical development programs. The pre-clinical programs were carried out by leading cancer research groups.

ROQ-A1 and ROQ-A2 are two patented antibody medicines designed by Roquefort to target metastatic breast cancer and metastatic lung cancer. The experiments demonstrated that ROQ-A1 and ROQ-A2 bind specifically to MDK receptors in cancerous cells in the breast and lung and kill cancer in vitro.

Antibody programs targeting metastatic lung and breast cancer commenced in Q4 2022 at Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (La Trobe University), Hawkins Laboratory Biochemistry and Genetics (La Trobe University). Both antibodies have demonstrated good safety profiles validated in in-vivo models. The targets and milestones were achieved within budget and on time. 

Why Breast and Lung Cancers?

Roquefort Therapeutics

Antibodies target Midkine

 Ajan Reginald, the CEO of Roquefort, said, “Roquefort focused on treatment fields with the highest unmet need. Even with the advancements in medicine in the last 30 years, some cancers are still poorly treated. Metastatic breast cancer & metastatic lung cancer have poor prognoses even with the best treatments. Overall mortality rates can be as high as 70%. That is why Midkine may be a good target, and these antibodies were engineered to target Midkine in these cancers.”

What’s Next? 

Roquefort will be commencing efficacy programs on ROQ-A1 and ROQ-A2. Efficacy programs will involve testing the efficiency of ROQ-A1 and ROQ-A2 to kill cancer by first shrinking tumours that start in the breast or lung of the patient or metastasised tumour, i.e., those tumours that usually start in either the lung or the breast and then spread to other organs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Roquefort Therapeutics, visit the official website now.


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