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Platina Resources to Commence Exploration at Beete and Brimstone Projects

Platina Resources to Commence Exploration at Beete and Brimstone Projects
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Platina Resources Limited (ASX: PGM) (Platina Resources or the “Company”) is a gold-focused mining and exploration company in Western Australia. Platina Resources has announced that it is ready to begin exploration campaigns at Western Australia’s Beete and Brimstone gold projects. These projects were acquired by Platina when the Company acquired Sangold Resources Pty Ltd in November 2022.

Project Highlights

Brimstone Gold Project:

The Brimstone project is a high-potential advanced-stage gold exploration project located 40 km northeast of Kalgoorlie. The project includes six walk-up drill targets, including the Garibaldi prospect, comprising a historical drill intersection of 55m @2.07g/t Au. The Jammie Dodger prospect, too, includes a historical drill intersection of 22m @1.96g/t Au. Both prospects stay open in all directions. Historic assay on this project has focused on numerous holes and yielded high-grade gold mineralisation in the tenement. However, this work is yet to be followed up with an exploration campaign, and thus an opportunity.

Location of Platina Resources’ Brimstone Gold Project

Beete Gold Project: 

The 139 km2 Beete project is located in a proven mineralisation province with various small gold mines. The Beete project tenement is south of Norseman and has seen historical reverse circulation drilling between 1958 and 1976. Aruma Resources and Meeka Gold have recently reported gold discoveries in the region bordering the Beete project, increasing the potential of the tenement.

Location of Platina Resources’ Beete Project

Platina Resources’ Exploration Campaigns

Platina Resources will commence a drilling program at the Brimstone gold project, stretching across a strike length of 10 km. Garibaldi prospect and the Jammie Dodger prospect are two critical targets that Platina Resources will be targeting during the program. The Garibaldi prospect includes a historical drill intersection of 55m@2.07/t Au, whereas the Jammie Dodger prospect includes a historical drill intersection of 22m@1.96g/t Au.

Drilling targets at Brimstone Gold Project

Platina Resources’ POW application and heritage survey have been approved at the Garibaldi prospect in the Brimstone gold project. The Company is currently discussing with cultural heritage groups how to obtain clearances for other prospects. After the clearances are obtained, Platina aims to start a comprehensive multi-prospect drilling program in early February.

Platina Resources will begin a soil sampling program at the Beete Gold Project.

Beete Project soil sampling locations

Regarding the Beete project’s location, Managing Director Corey Nolan said, “Beete is an up-and-coming project given that it is located between the Norseman Mining Centre (Pantoro and Tulla Resources) and Salmon Gums Project, both of which have shown positive results. Beete’s north and south tenements have structures that have been shown to hold mineralisation. Aruma Resources’ Salmon Gums Project has reported many high-grade gold intersections, and Norseman Mining Centre has a gold resource of about 5 million ounces.”

Platina Resources has submitted a POW application to the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation, and Safety (DMIRS) to commence a drilling program. It is close to finalising a cultural heritage agreement for the northern extent of the Beete project. However, DMIRS has informed that since a part of the exploration license falls under the Western Woodland nature reserve, flora and fauna surveys and an associated management plan are required before drilling. The Company will conduct a low-cost, low-impact soil orientation analysis to define target areas. This program will take approximately ten days; results are expected in February 2023.

Other Project Updates

The Company’s six other projects focused on precious metals, such as gold and platinum, spread across Western Australia. Platina’s short-term plan is to shift its resources to these new projects where logistics and permission processes can be completed swiftly. Platina will release more information on the updates on the other projects in the following months. If you wish to learn more about the other projects and tenements of Platina Resources, visit their official website.


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