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Norwest Minerals and Buxton Resources Announce Remarkable Copper Advancements in Western Australia

Norwest Minerals and Buxton Resources Announce Remarkable Copper Advancements in Western Australia
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Recent reports are buzzing with the announcement of a significant discovery made by two major mining players, Norwest Minerals and Buxton Resources, at their copper prospects in the vast expanse of Western Australia.

The mineral and mining industry is watching closely as these developments signify potential economic and production boosts for companies and the wider industry.

Exciting Development for Buxton Resources at the Wolverine Prospect

Buxton Resources has shared exhilarating news about uncovering an extensive copper porphyry system at the Wolverine prospect, part of its ambitious Copper Wolf project.

A copper porphyry system is a large, sub-surface deposit of copper and other minerals like gold and molybdenum, which can be economically significant due to its size and concentration.

Buxton’s chief executive officer, Marty Moloney, called this find a “game-changer” for the company.

Unlike previous explorations from the 1960s to the 1990s, which only touched the surface, this discovery lays bare mineralisation right from the surface, skyrocketing the prospect’s value.

Moloney expressed his excitement over this landmark event, saying, “The discovery also highlights the incredible exploration potential at Copper Wolf where previous work has barely scratched the surface of what is shaping up to be a very large porphyry Cu-Mo (copper-molybdenum) system.”

With no joint venture agreements complicating matters, Buxton Resources retains complete control over the next phase of development, which includes obtaining necessary permits for scout drilling to confirm this discovery and gauge its full potential.

Norwest Minerals, Western Australia Finds Significant Copper Oxide Mineralization

Following closely on the heels of Buxton’s announcement, Norwest Minerals announced its remarkable find at the Bali copper project.

During its drilling operations, the company discovered significant copper oxide mineralisation stretching along a 700-meter structural target. Recognised for their potential value, these oxide minerals often indicate more enormous metal reserves below.

Norwest drilled a series of eleven reverse circulation (RC) holes, comprising a total depth of 880 meters. Eight of those drilled holes targeted the V6 ‘conglomerate’ structure, which is located near the western tenement boundary. The other three holes were sunk to investigate the smaller V3 and V10 structures.

The results from the drilling confirmed that narrow bands of oxide copper mineralisation continued downwards from the high-grade rock chip samples that had previously been collected along the V6 and V3 structures as part of field mapping completed in 2023.

Inspired by this validation, Norwest plans to continue drilling the highly prospective structures later in the year after completing the necessary earthworks.

This sets the stage for a pivotal year for Norwest, as they aim to chart the extent of these resources.

Looking Toward the Future of Copper Mining in Western Australia

As both Buxton and Norwest gear up for an active year, the significance of these findings must be considered. Not only do they stand to boost the commercial prospects of the companies, but they also underscore Western Australia’s role as a global mining powerhouse.

The successful expansion of copper mining capabilities not only heralds economic growth but also points to increased job opportunities in the region.

As the world continues to shift towards electrification and eco-friendly technologies, copper’s role becomes ever-crucial due to its excellent conductive properties.

With environmental considerations and the strategic importance of copper in the technological sector, the exploration and development strategies of companies like Buxton Resources and Norwest Minerals are expected to be under the microscope.

These recent discoveries serve as a reminder of the vast, untapped potential beneath Australia’s soils.

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