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How Long Do EV Batteries Last? Factors and Insights

How Long Do EV Batteries Last
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The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia mentions vital statistics in its report, “Australian Electric Vehicle Industry Recap 2023.” It showed that 98,436 new electric vehicles were sold in Australia in 2023 alone, double the number of EVs on the country’s roads compared to 2022. The International Energy Agency mentioned that almost one out of five cars sold in 2023 was an EV. Stocks of EV companies are attracting investors’ attention. Since 2019, these stocks have experienced rapid growth.

Market Share and Number of EVs On-Road in Australia

Figure 1: Market Share and Number of EVs On-Road in Australia

Most people are concerned before buying electric vehicles: How long do EV batteries last? EV batteries do not have a set lifespan. It depends on many factors. In this article, we’ll try to identify the factors that affect the longevity of EV batteries and explore the batteries’ life span in different cases.

Global Electric Car Stock has seen Exponential Growth from 2013-2023

Figure 2: Global Electric Car Stock has seen Exponential Growth from 2013-2023

What Factors Would Affect the Longevity of EV Batteries?

The answer to the question, “How long do EV batteries last?” has different dimensions. Two of the most crucial factors involved in this case are the weather and the care taken for the EV.

Factor 1: Weather

Weather is the most crucial component in the battery life of electric vehicles. HERE Technologies, a location data and technology company, estimates that the range of EV batteries may decrease by 15% when temperatures exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35° Celcius). Another estimate from HERE mentions that when temperatures reach 0° Celsius, vehicle range decreases by 20%. If the temperature drops to -5.6° Celsius, that figure decreases to 40%. Therefore, EV batteries are harmed by both extreme cold and extreme heat.

Figure 3: Winter range for 13 Popular Electric Vehicle Models

Figure 4: Effect of Different Temperatures on the Range of Electric Vehicles

Factor 2: Care Taken

So, depending on the weather, you must properly care for your car. The care you give to your EV car battery would significantly affect “how long do EV  batteries last? ” Below are some instructions on maintaining a good battery life for your EV.

  • Place your car in the shade when the weather is hot. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.
  • If the temperature is cold, it is best to use your car sparingly. Use public transport instead.
  • Regularly schedule maintenance visits to service centres and quickly address any issues in your EV.
  • Do not put too much stress on the battery by overspeeding the car. Overspeeding is dangerous for your life as well.

How much Warranty Will You Get from the EV Manufacturers?

Before knowing the answer to “How long do EV car batteries last?” let us first explore how much warranty you will receive for your EV batteries from the manufacturer company. Below is the list:

  • Most car manufacturers provide a battery warranty card, usually covering eight years or 160,000 kilometres. Most manufacturers guarantee that at least 70 per cent of the battery’s original capacity will remain after the warranty period.
  • Some car manufacturers, like Lexus, provide a whopping 10-year warranty period without a limit on kilometres driven.
  • On the other hand, some car manufacturers, like Kia, MG Motors, etc., offer a 7-year warranty with unlimited kilometres on EV batteries.

How Long Do EV Batteries Last?

After knowing the warranty period, you may still be confused about “how long do EV car batteries last?” Don’t worry. Here are some data collections from different sources to help you get the answer.

After surveying 6,000 EVs, Geotab Inc., a Canada-based technology company, mentions that, on average, the battery of an EV degrades by 2.3% annually across all vehicles. This dataset, gathered from a substantial sample, offers a dependable assessment of the typical decline rate of EV batteries, offering a robust foundation for your decision-making. The company also mentions that most batteries will surpass the vehicle’s usable lifespan and won’t require replacement.

The answer to “How Long do EV Car Batteries Last, Actually?” is not definitively fixed. Instead, we can consider a range. As per US News, the average life of EV batteries is 10 to 20 years. The U.S. Department of Energy predicts that today’s EV batteries should last well beyond their warranty period. These battery packs are expected to have service lives ranging from 12 to 15 years when used in moderate climates.

Wrapping Up!

Your car battery does not necessarily have to be thrown away just because it died. Dirk Spiers, the founder and CEO of Spiers New Technologies, mentioned, “It’s fantastic that you can drive an electric vehicle knowing that at the end of the life of that battery pack, the ingredients will be reused in a new battery pack and a new electric car.” So, drive your EV without worrying about “how long do EV batteries last?” Happy driving!

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