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Australia loses its beloved ‘King of Breakfast, Bill Granger

Australia loses its beloved ‘King of Breakfast, Bill Granger
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Top Australian restaurateur Bill Granger is no more. He passed away peacefully in hospital in London on 25th December. While the family did not reveal Bill Granger cause of death, he died while surrounded by his wife, Natalie Elliott and daughters, Edie, Inès, and Bunny. A recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia in the 2023 Australia Day honours, Bill Granger death was mourned by several top chefs and celebrities, including Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, and Matt Preston.

As the news of Bill Granger death surfaced, the one question plaguing everyone’s mind was, “How did Bill Granger die?” While his admirers waited for clarity about Bill Granger cause of death, some sources at Nine newspapers reported that for Bill Granger, cancer had been an uphill battle for the past several months.

Dubbed as the ‘Godfather of avocado toast’, Bill Granger transformed the breakfast scene in Australia. A native of Melbourne, Australia, Bill Granger moved to Sydney to study art, where he delved into the food industry by working as a waiter. The simultaneous learnings defined his creations that people have gone agog for.

Awaiting an update on Bill Granger cause of death, his fans recalled his first restaurant named ‘Bills’ in Darlinghurst, a suburb of Sydney. Bill Granger became famous for creamy scrambled eggs, ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter, and, of course, avocado toast. He went on to become a renowned restaurateur and noted food writer. His career spanning 30 years witnessed the rise of a global food business, started in 1999 by him and his wife. The business has 19 restaurants worldwide, including Seoul, London, Sydney, Greater Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

His first book was ‘Bill’s Sydney Food’ published by Murdoch Books in 2000, in which he described the food served in his restaurants. Subsequently, Bill Granger published ‘Bill’s Food’ in 2002, ‘Bill’s Open Kitchen’ in 2003, and ‘Simply Bill’ in 2005. He wrote 14 books, some of which became international bestsellers. Several of his readers grieved this loss and wondered about Bill Granger cause of death.

Bill Granger hosted his first TV series, ‘Bill’s Food’, reflecting his simplicity in food. Viewers found his approach to food homely and endearing. In contrast to the metallic kitchens in the typical food shows, Bill’s kitchen was colourful with wooden elements. His manner of speaking was uncomplicated and systematic, sprinkled with special tips and anecdotes about his family. While several famous chefs attempted to add ostentatious elements to their creations, Bill Granger’s food was modest, and people could easily replicate it in the comfort of their homes. His admirers surfed his videos on YouTube several times to try to get to the bottom of Bill Granger cause of death.

He did, of course, put his spin on some of Australia’s favourite dishes, such as adding chocolate to banana bread and nectarines to French toast. Born in a family of butchers, he incorporated the titbits that he learned from his father and grandfather in his cooking. Bill Granger, a proponent of using good bread, believed in cooking what the heart wants and not what the market demands.

When Bill Granger cause of death was still unknown, his followers were in a quandary about the question at heart, “What did Bill Granger die of?” Devastated at losing the ‘egg master of Sydney’, people reminisced about Bill Granger for the joy he brought to millions through his cooking. He will remain the inspiration for numerous family-style businesses catering to patrons wanting to eat homemade breakfast in a cheerful, bright cafe.

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