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5 Inspirational Business Success Stories On Entrepreneurship

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Many times crazy idea of someone turns out to become a sound business. Our favourite product or brand used to be a struggling start-up for some entrepreneur once upon a time. It is always cumbersome and requires lots of struggles to start a business.

Every successful business has lots of efforts and the right investments behind it. Finding the proper needs of the customers is always a cumbersome task and needs lots of patience and research. 40 percent of starts up fails because there is no need for the manufactured product from the customers.

Other reasons for failure can be running out of cash or not having the right teamwork. It is always interesting to know inspirational business success stories about different fortuitous businessmen and entrepreneurs.

To understand the problems an entrepreneur and his team faced and how they tackled those problems is inspiring. In this article, we will discuss five such stories and try to learn something new from them.



Image of Mind Valley Founder - Vishen LakhaniImage Source:- Jeyjetter/Mindvalley Review

Many personality development experts, spiritual teachers, and thought leaders get a fascinating platform in Mind Valley to express themselves. Lots of digital courses and seminars are running online on the Mind Valley website. This enterprise was started by Vishen Lakhani and Michael Reining, who have a deep interest in learning and teaching.

He turned his passion into a multi-million dollar business. Vishen Lakhani is also the best selling author, motivational speaker, and activist. In 2017, Lakhiani was also awarded as the “most strategic entrepreneur” in SME and Entrepreneur award, Malaysia. Lakhiani was also a member of AIESEC. In 2016, his book “The Code of Extraordinary mind” was in the top 10 in New York’s best-selling books.

He also started the e-commerce websiteDealmates, involved in the selling of fashion, beauty, cosmetics, and electronics. This e-commerce website is used to get 30,000 visitors every day. Mind Valley creates different programs like mindfulness, meditation, personal growth, health, and fitness. They want to build a comprehensive online university in personality growth and transformation.

Mind valley story is one of the inspirational business success stories for all futuristic entrepreneurs.

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Takeaway:- Mind Valley is involved in a unique teaching methodology. The business area is novel and innovative in nature. It has understood the needs of customers very well and provides the best services to them. With the right strategy and getting the best teachers from worldwide to Mind Valley were fundamental points for its success. 

2. Zoom:- Founder – Eric Yuan

Picture of Zoom Founder - Eric Yuan

There are many inspirational business success stories, and the narration of Zoom is one of them. Zoom is the communication platform started by Eric Yuan. Zoom uses real-time video conferencing to connect people remotely from home or different offices. More than 750,000 companies are using Zoom for video and audio conferencing.

Eric Yuan emigrated from China to the USA, and he always had the vision to offer effortless video call technology to the world. He used to work in WebEx and was a key player in developing video conference software. Under his guidance, Cisco WebEx earned lots of revenue. However, the connectivity of webEx was unstable, and there is a lag in video conferencing.

Before Eric left WebeX, he used to talk a lot with customers and found customers were not satisfied with the technology. Then, he started his own brainchild Zoom having video first mentality for customers. Zoom provided video conferencing, mobility, and web meetings at a very cheap cost. Zoom understand their customers better than its competitors like Cisco- WebEx. Google meet and Microsoft- Skype.

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Takeaway:  Eric Yuan had faced lots of problems in-migration from China to the USA. But, his determination and perseverance allowed him to develop his technology. He provided technology better than its competitors. He worked on a bigger problem with lots of customers. 

3. Night Owl Cleaning Service:- Founder – Arlete Turturro

Night owl cleaning service - Founder Arlete TurturroImage Source:- Facebook/Night owls Cleaning Service

Every untested entrepreneur seeks inspirational business success stories, and the portrayal of Night owl cleaning services is one of them. Arlete Turturro was a marketing representative of a real estate development firm. Though she had a degree in merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she was working in a real estate firm.

One of her responsibility was to manage the cleaning companies for the buildings. She later realized that she can handle this type of company by herself. In 1987, She started Night Owl Cleaning Service. Arlete received the woman of the year awarded by the Westchester Business Journal. She had to fight gender and age discrimination during her business.

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Takeaway: Arlete was flexible and open throughout her career. She had an education in fashion technology. She worked in real estate and started a company in cleaning services. She switched her profession a couple of times without any fear in her mind. She was determined to succeed. She turned out to be one of the best woman entrepreneurs.

4. Just Cookies:- Founder – Jason Mercado

JUST COOKIES:- FOUNDER – JASON MERCADOImage Source:- Just Cookies Facebook Page

Jason Mercado was a man of resilience. When he was 18 years old, he left his home, and for the next 20 years, he lived on the street. Jason got addicted to drugs, went to jail, and then to a rehabilitation centre. When he came back, he joined entrepreneurship classes and decided to start a cookie catering service “Just Cookies”. Starting a bakery was always in the mind of Jason.

He started getting orders online and over the phone. Now, Jason wants to teach entrepreneurship and the basics of business to the youth. He once commented, I have created my destiny. I was addict, homeless, and without money I believed in myself, I knew it was going to work.Jason Mercado’s struggle is one of another inspirational business success stories.

Takeaway: Jason Mercado showed the great character himself. He lifted himself from nowhere. He was a drug addict and homeless, but he had a deep belief in him, and he became one of the successful entrepreneurs in so little time.



Image Source:- Techcrunch/Grabhub

Matt Maloney and Mike Evans were software developers in Chicago. They had an idea of a one-stop-shop for food delivery from a real estate online site. They started company Grub Hub and above 9 million active diners, 300,000 dining orders, and a presence in over 1000 cities across the USA and UK.

Grubhub has created an enormous impact on the food ordering industry. It has its own online website for taking orders from millions of people. These inspirational business success stories captivate us in its ways.

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Hey solved the problem by building something new, took ideas from real estate, and implemented them in the food ordering industry. They have a powerful conviction towards their plan, and with the right strategy, they started their own company based on a novel model. 

Every business has unique circumstances and problems to deal with. Understanding other entrepreneur challenges and their struggles to those issues give good insight. One can implement those learning to every moment confrontation in the frame of self-business. Successful entrepreneurs learn from different inspirational business success stories.

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