Australasian Metals

Industry: MINING


Australasian Metals Limited is a dynamic exploration company at the forefront of Australia’s High Purity Quartz (HPQ), lithium, gold, and precious metals exploration. With a substantial portfolio encompassing over 274.3 km² of tenements, the company is dedicated to identifying and developing high-value mineral projects. Among its pivotal ventures are Queensland’s May Queen and Mt Clermont gold projects, which hold significant potential for precious metal discoveries. The May Queen project in the Brovinia goldfield within the Surat Basin and the Mt Clermont project in the Anakie Province of the Drummond Basin promises rich gold mineralisation. Australasian Metals Limited is also making significant strides in the HPQ sector, positioning itself strategically in this burgeoning industry. With robust geological strategies and a clear vision, the company is poised to unlock the hidden treasures within its extensive landholdings, advancing Australia’s mineral resource development.

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