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5 Pro Tips To Become a Student Entrepreneur in India

Student Entrepreneurs
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Narrowing your ideas and launching them strategically in the right direction is all about entrepreneurship. This is a robust process and requires personal interest, persistence, resilience, plus sufficient capital to begin with.

5 pro tips for becoming student entrepreneur in India - Colitco

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As a student, you may feel hesitant to enter the corporate world. therefore, here are 5 pro tips to become a student entrepreneur that can help you understand the core of entrepreneurship before taking your dive.


Barriers in Business Development - Colitco

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The initial entrepreneurship phase is a mirage – you only consider the visible parts and not beyond it. This is a frequent reason why even good businesses stumble.

Considering things only you know cannot be helpful in the long-run. To help you out, look at the other barriers that you should come across in the entrepreneurship path.

  • Hiring the right talents.
  • Creating and working towards mission-vision values.
  • Searching and choosing platforms for financial demands.
  • Adhering to Indian Government policies.
  • Internal-external bureaucracy.

Though there are hurdles on your path, this is the right time to register for a startup in India. Owing to the ‘Startup India’ initiative by the Indian PM Narendra Modi (under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion), many individuals are receiving the right support to dive into entrepreneurship and turn their ideas into a reality.

Example: Zivame

A BITS Pilani graduate from a Conventional family was inspired to open a venture from the harsh reality women face – the awkwardness of buying lingerie. She took a bold initiative and started an online lingerie shop, which was fully opposed by her circle. However, her father didn’t even understand this thinking. In addition to that, her mother was upset and embarrassed about her daughter’s profession. With determination, she opposed everyone, their ideals, and turned barriers into opportunities. And today, the successful product Zivame’s net worth is Rs. 681 Cr with ‘Richa Kar’ crowned as the ‘Most Influential Women-preneurs in India’!

Richa Kar’s story besides reflecting the barriers she crossed, makes us realize that it is only you who decides to change negatives into positives! Therefore, develop a long-term thinking pattern and get set to dive beyond any barrier.


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Take opinions and suggestions from your close circles (friends, family, relatives). However, you must also open social media accounts and connect with business partners on-field. By having a track of professionals online, you help yourself to understand the possibilities and challenges in running a startup.

Stressing on the above point, here are other means to connect with people inside the business domain:

  • Follow the professionals’ personal accounts.
  • Read every post that business heads publish.
  • Subscribe to newsletters and email notifications to receive personalized suggestions from experts directly into your mailbox.
  • Ask questions and respond to statements given by a corporate person online, as this will sometimes open new horizons (suggested to convey only genuine thoughts).

Following businesspersons on social media has one more perk: Apart from getting good insights, if you are pre-registered for a startup, then you are also branding indirectly from SM.

What’s more?

Furthermore, you can even land partnering with someone with similar lines of interest!


The Importance of Self Development - Colitco

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Generally speaking, successful managers, chairpersons, and CEOs are people with specific personal values dedicated to themselves. These are the cores that help them run any business successfully.

Note that there are other qualities too, that today’s entrepreneurs suggest for young students to attain self-growth/development. So, check out the3 hand-picked values given below.

  • Focus only on the journey of being an entrepreneur and not on success. With a definite shape, your brand generates revenue eventually.
  • Failure shouldn’t stop you. Through tough times, many failed startups have bounced back and are playing a big shot today.
  • Embrace your skill sets and talent. It is where your uniqueness comes out and reflects as tiny successes while running the business.


Entrepreneurship is Learning - ColitcoImage Source: https://image.freepik.com/

No businessperson says he/she knows everything. Therefore, start educating yourself in diverse expertise for reaping the maximum benefits possible.

For Instance: OYO Rooms

A 21-years-old boy faced poor experiences in accommodation during trips. He started coding 8 years and dreamt of entrepreneurship. The boy reading business stories, soon developed a business model. However, things were not turning good. From learning, he again formed a setup that matched his past (accommodation difficulties). The solution was perfect and today, known in the name of OYO Rooms; he is Ritesh Agarwal, the Founder, and CEO!

The story of Ritesh leads us to the moral that entrepreneurship is tedious, but by moving out of your comfort zone, you make mistakes and learn from it the many values of pursuing and taking businesses forward. Moreover, you can even practice this learning process by utilizing time for:

  • Internships and Training programs
  • Online Courses
  • Business contests participation
  • Joining workshops
  • Seminars/webinars


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Last but not the least, prioritize your duties and stick to a scheduled timeframe. Time is essential not only in deciding when to open a venture but to perform multiple things on-the-go.

It is a standard notion that time management is proportional to your business achievements. Hence, sketch an entrepreneurship timetable so that you:

  •  furnish many different things on-time.
  •  finish the important to-do-tasks first.
  •  balance student-work life.

Adding to the above perks, you will also have time to decide if you want to be a side entrepreneur by opting for a job too!


Mind that age, money, time, are vague numbers. Never stop achieving your goals in entrepreneurship. By having an out-of-the-box idea plus decent funding, here’s your time to touch great heights! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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