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Startup vs MNC – What should you join after your graduation in 2021?

Startup vs MNC – What should you join after your graduation?
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What to choose between after college? Startup vs MNC.

This is a common question boggling to your mind as soon as you graduate? While many are not able to deny an attractive offer from the MNC after college, others like to become an entrepreneur and choose to co-build their own Company from scratch. So, would you like to become a part of the project or you want to become a part of national growth by participating in the “Make in India” Campaign[4], the choice is yours!

Startup vs MNC – What should you join after your graduation? - ColitcoWhile working with an MNC after college,[1] you will notice that all entry-level jobs look the same where you have to perform the same task repetitively.

While working with a startup, it is hard to decide what can come up your way. Most importantly, you have to keep experimenting and look for brainstorming ideas that can give a new edge to your startup.[1]

Becoming a student entrepreneur is not rare anymore but there are plenty of young minds who have started their own startups and they are earning really well at the global level. It is the right time to shift our focus towards startup India and become a part of the national growth to inspire others as well.


Today, the government is actively supporting young minds through the “Make in India” campaign where you can participate in the campaign, come to the forefront and speak for your brand. By participating in the campaign, you are not only becoming a part of the national growth but you are building your nation itself. Getting a job in MNC after college is not a new thing but starting your own business is a tough challenge and a unique experience in itself. So, choose your passion now!

Benefits Under Make in India - Colitco
Under the “Make in India” campaign, the licensing rules have been made easier to align new startups with the best global practices. The chances of export have increased for young entrepreneurs. Government is giving tax benefits and improved FDI [4] rate under the “Make in India” campaign.

The government is also helping in skills development, driving foreign investment, encouraging innovations and most importantly increasing employment options for unemployed people.


  • More than 62 percent of US billionaires are self-made.[3]
  • More than 30 million of US citizens today are either running their own business or they are planning to start soon.[3]
  • Small or mid-size businesses are major players in the growth of a country.[2]
  • Businesses at a young age can be more successful as they are planned according to the current needs of the market.[2]
  • Today, there are more than 600 million entrepreneurs running their businesses across the world and they are really enjoying massive income lumps.[3]

Go through a few examples of startups who not only started with a different idea but got recognition among the crowd through their hard work and efforts.


Moving ahead, let us see some success stories of well-known startups in India who started their work with limited funding and they are running a massive business today.


WhiteHat Jr is an IT training company. Karan Bajaj started the company in November 2018. Its objective is to teach online coding to kids aged between 6 to 14 years. Kids can make their own apps once they are trained with experts at WhiteHat Jr and let them display in Google Play Store.

It was a small idea by Karan Bajaj that has become a revolution today and more than 500 teachers are connected over the platform who are getting good salaries as well.

So, the objective of starting your own business is not just to become an entrepreneur but to help hundreds of others as well who are seeking good job opportunities in the competitive world. Luckily, the “Make in India” campaign helps everybody to achieve the goal by funding them and giving a good platform as well to grow their local brands.

“As a father of two daughters, I believe in the incredible power of early childhood learning and I wanted to harness the creativity that most five- or six-year-olds naturally have”, says Karan Bajaj, CEO of WhiteHat Jr.


Shuttl is a five-year-old startup by two IIT graduates that was started in 2015. The vision of the project was to pull public vehicles together that reduces daily travel cost.

READ:- “Shuttl” Story By Deepanshu Malviya & Amit Singh

Delhi has the largest number of vehicles across India and it is really expensive to hire taxies daily. Obviously, things were not easy but they have to come up with solutions anyhow. They decided to offer daily plans, monthly plans where users may also get huge benefits without disturbing their routines.


Startup vs MNC – What should you join after your graduation? - ColitcoIn this pandemic situation, when the economy has gone down and people are losing their jobs. At the same time, the Government is encouraging people to start their own business under the “Make in India” campaign that will not only increase profit options for you but it can help others as well by creating more job doors for the needy people. You just have to register for a startup and manage all operations right from India at your own time and convenience.


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