Jatin Desai and IDFC-Parampara Capital

Jatin Desai And IDFC Parampara Capital: Approach to Help Startups

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The present Indian startup scenario is a golden phase for youngsters to achieve high in the field of business. Any business requires an innovative model, sufficient capital, investment funds, and expert guidance to operate in the right way. And, there is one platform that handles everything under one virtual roof – The Parampara Capital.

“Parampara” means wisdom passed from one generation to another in Sanskrit. Traditional Vedic system uses Parampara and “guru-shishya” interchangeably, denoting the knowledge given to disciples by the Guru. Started in 2015, IDFC Parampara Capital applies this transfer of undiluted knowledge to businesses, in the form of mentorship, investment funds, strategic planning, and more.

But before knowing how IDFC Parampara Capital works, do you already have an agency? Or are you planning to register for a startup? If yes, then the following information will be a useful guide to:

  • Give you a gist of why your startup must consider technology-based performance.
  • Understand how platforms like Parampara can benefit your business.

So, let’s start learning by introducing the expert team of IDFC Parampara Capital.

Meet Your Investors: The Fund Committee

The team of IDFC Parampara Capital is highly committed to growing and helping entrepreneurs based on the present startup culture. With decades of expertise in domains such as Finance, Business Strategy, Technology, Operational Management, and Strategic Guidance, the members [efn_note] https://www.paramparas.com/about.html [/efn_note] here leverage their knowledge over budding entrepreneurs & students and mentoring them for a better future. Meet the expert team below:

The Funding Members

Jatin Desai and IDFC-Parampara - Colitco

Spanning two decades in operations and technology investment, Jatin Desai is the Founding Partner of IDFC Parampara Capital. He was a prominent contributor to the US startup ecosystem during the mid to late 90s. Formerly, he was the CIO of Bank of America ​& DSP ​Merrill Lynch. At present, Jatin Desai is also the Managing Partner at Inflexor Ventures, the agnostic venture capital firm for Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore sectors. His investment footprints in the Indian startup scenario includes Verloop, Entropic Tech, Singularity Dynamics, Aries Biomed, etc., the latest one being 3rd Flix (Practically) [efn_note]https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/idfc-parampara-fund#section-investments[/efn_note] on September 4th, 2019.

For Example: PlayShifu

Jatin’s notable participation was with PlayShifu, a brand that conceptualized fun with education, in the age group of 2 to 10 years. The digital games and phygital toys engage and educate kids based on VR and AR. Notably, PlaysShifu inspired the expert team at Parampara Capital, as the startup’s business model complies with the platform’s IP (Intellectual Property) funding feature. The investment was hence raised [efn_note] https://www.forbesindia.com/article/special/playshifu-maker-of-arbased-educational-toys-raises-$7-million-in-seriesa-funding/54513/1 [/efn_note]  on July 24th, 2019, for $7M!

“PlayShifu is one of the very few startups we have come across that has been able to commercialize AR/VR based products from India and have successfully sold to customers globally and their products are also in line with our fund’s theme of investing in intellectual property (IP) & innovation-based technology startups”, says Jatin Desai

  • With Jatin Desai, there is Venkat Vallabhaneni, who is also the General Partner. He has 25+ years of experience in management and technology verticals.
  • Sridhar Rampalli also takes the position of GP. 16+ years of experience in wealth management and banking, his career started from brands such as ITC Limited, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, and many more distinguished companies.
  • The Investment Managers at IDFC Parampara Capital are Harsha Mundhada and Murali Krishna. Harsha has 8+ years of financial experience and holds an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad. With 7+ years in the area of Financial consulting, Murali and Harsha, mentor Indian startups, post their investment. Meit Gandhi also leads the way as an investment analyst and handles deal sourcing with business clients and startup founders.

As we now have an idea of the experts at this platform, let’s move forward to the main picture – the process and attributes of how a partnership with Parampara Capital works for your business.

The Investment Philosophy of Parampara Capital

Jatin Desai and IDFC-Parampara - Colitco

Teachers are unarguably the backbone to a child’s future; and thriving on this teaching pedagogy, Parampara Capital supports individuals from various entrepreneurial stages to get a better tomorrow. But it all starts from the evaluation of your startup’s stage and then covering the vital pain-points. To be more precise, this is how they do it:

“We are ready to invest. We are already evaluating companies”, says Jatin Desai

  • For growth-stage startup founders: The team formulates disruptive quotients and success ideas, and focuses on team building and accelerating your early-stage business, thus pushing you forward.
  • For young achievers and existing professionals: Attaining a unicorn-like level is challenging without tactics in the business strategies. So, the Parampara team will help you with the same by developing market strategies, actionable product branding, and giving complete support until the execution.

Overall, the core of Parampara Capital is to help entrepreneurs make better decisions and improve existing business aspects. However, the team considers technology as one of its main attributes.

For Example: Chakr Innovation

In the list[efn_note] https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/energy-and-environment/fifteen-of-the-20-most-polluted-cities-in-the-world-are-in-india/article26440603.ece [/efn_note]  of Top 20 Most Polluted Cities in the world, India covers 15 among them. But 3 IIT graduates came up with a technology-based solution from their Chakr Innovation Pvt. Ltd, which is “The Chakr Shield”. An innovative emission control tech, it detects pollution from the source and converts it into usable products such as inks, paints, etc. That technology disruption inspired the investors at Parampara Capital. Hence a deal was made[efn_note] https://www.vccircle.com/ian-fund-leads-series-a-funding-in-air-pollution-control-firm-chakr/ [/efn_note]  for $2.87 million (INR 19 crores) on June 6th, 2019 in a Series A funding round. Today, the Chakr Shield is capturing around ~90% of particulate matter emissions from exhaust and diesel generators!

“As we aim to create pioneering, sustainable, inclusive and scalable technologies to combat the grave threat posed by pollution, we plan to combat the perils of air pollution as follows”, says Arpit Dhupar, the CTO of Chakr Innovation.

Besides technology disruption, there are three other attributes your brand must cover, to partner with Parampara Capital- Innovation, Founding Vision, and Market Validation.

Jatin Desai and IDFC-Parampara - Colitco

Final Thoughts

The key pointers to keep in mind before investing with platforms like IDFC-Parampara Capital is that:

  • Your product/service should be validated based on contemporary need, but as a future-oriented project.
  • Your brand should be officially registered with nation-specific campaigns such as “Startup India” and “Make In India”.

Your business must possess technology as one of its primary intentions.

Jatin Desai and IDFC-Parampara - Colitco

Owing to the Indian context, technology-driven startups will generate solutions that will be a vehicle to drive economic development and transform the nation!


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